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Custom extrusion plastic profiles

The activity of the company consists in custom extrusion of plastic materials for the realization of profiles and tubes.

Our organization focuses on the development of a product at every stage:

  •       DESIGN       
knowledge of the characteristics of plastic materials enables us to suggest to our customers the ideal shape of the profiles they need and to adopt the most cost effective methods of production;
  •      DRAWING    
we design and carefully review each profile that is presented to us, to be able to verify the accuracy and to be able to suggest the best implementation;
  •    EQUIPMENT  
the realization of the equipment makes use of external consultants, whose experience is widely established over many years of activity;
the execution stage is performed by choosing the machinery with the productive capacity more suitable.

Our production is directed toward different industries:

  •  Toys 
hula hoop, tubes for blowguns, for spades and rakesstraight track for toy cars
  •  Small appliances 
bands for polishing and vacuuming cleaners, pipes and fittings
  •  Buildings 
joint covers, draft excluder, plastic skirting, accident prevention angular profiles
  •  Furniture 
components for the furniture industry
  •  Seals 
for vehicles and industry
  • rigid and soft  tubes 


Over the years, we have developed considerable experiens in extrusion of traditional and newly developed plastic materials. We use this materials for the realization of our profiles:

  • rigid and plasticized PVC, in different degrees of hardness
  • polycarbonate PC
  • polystyrene PS
  • high density polyethylene HDPE and low density polyethylene LDPE
  • polypropylene PP
  • ABS
  • PVDF
  • PEBAX and thermoplastic rubbers such as FORPRENE and similar

We are also able to obtain profiles with  insertion of wires or magnetized profiles .

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