Conus coxi (Abbass, 1977)





Shell small, biconical; spire conical, low with concave sides; whorl outline concave with anterior convexity;    suture linear, slightly deep; ornament show faint thin spirals; body whorl constitutes greater part of shell, showing posterior concave shoulder, straight sides, contracted anteriorly into large beak; surface showa faint spirals on shoulder, seven or more wide spiral cords with narrow interspaces on anterior one-third; aperture long, narrow, with parallel outer and inner lips (1).


The studied specimen differs from Asprella sinensis (Sowerby) in Shuto (1969, Pl. 22, Figs. 6, 8, 9) as the latter has more inflated shell with spiral ornament over the last whorl  (1).


Helvetian, Lower Geneifa Member, Geneifa





Conus (Floraconus) coxi (Abbass, 1977)

Holotype G589



4= Holotype


12 mm. – Helvetian, Lower Hommath Member





Conus sinensis var.


Conus (Floraconus) coxi


mm. 12


Lower Hommath Member



Bibliografia Consultata


·         (1) – Houssein Abbass (1977) “A Monograph on the new Miocene Gastropod species in the Cairo-Suez district, Egypt“, J. Univ. Kwait Sci,4