Conus indefatigabilis (Dall & Ochsner, 1928)





Shell rather large, of about 10 whorls, the nucleus lost, the suture excavated, without spiral sculpture, the shoulder in the early whorls with a cord-like keel which becomes sharper in the later ones ; the anal sulcus deep, the suture appressed, and the whorl between the shoulder and the suture sculptured with concentric lines in harmony with the sulcus; anterior portion of the whorl straight-sided, rapidly attenuated, a slight convexity near the shoulder ; surface smooth except a few spiral sulci near the anterior end. Height, 57 mm.; height of last whorl, 50 mm.; maximum diameter at the shoulder, 34 mm (1).

This species is perhaps nearest to Conus regularis Sowerby living from the Gulf of California to Panama (1).


Conus indefatigabilis

Pl. 2 fig. 4


Indefatigable Island, Galapagos

Probably Pliocene

Conus indefatigabilis

Holotype n. 2905

Holotype n. 2905

Mus. Calif. Acad. Sci.


collected by W. H. Ochsner and Joseph R. Slevin, November 17, 1905, from lowermost horizon (zone A) on east shore of Indefatigable Island, Galapagos Group. Probably Pliocene.









        (1) - Dall, W. H., and Ochsner, W. H., 1928. Tertiary and Pliestocene Mollusca from the Galapagos Islands. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, ser. 4. vol. 17 (4 ): 89 -139