Conus shimajiriensis (Macneil, 1960)








Shell moderately small, medium inflated , spire of medium height. Protoconch missing on the type except for a small fragment of the last whorl which is smooth and polished. Aperture slightly narrower at anal end than at siphonal end. Sculpture on the body whorl nearly smooth although a few very weak spiral ridges can be made out ; spire sculptured by four incised spiral lines on the subsutural slope and poorly developed nodes along the periphery (1).

Holotype ( USNM 562771 ) measures : height 21 mm, diameter 10 mm.

Type locality : Yonabaru clay member 17451.


This species may be related to C. tuberculatus Yokoyama ( = tuberculosus Tomlin ) from the Koshiba formation ( Pliocene) of Japan , but both its spiral sculpture and peripheral tubercules are weaker than on the Koshiba species (1).

Distribution : Miocene, ( Yonabaru clay member) Okinawa.

Localities : Yonabaru clay member, 17451 ( figured type ) .


Conus  shimajiriensis

Holotype ( USNM 562771 )

Pl. 6 figs. 5,11

mm. 21 x 10