Conus couvaensis (Vokes, 1938)






Shell of medium size, spire low almost flat, shoulder angulate to sub-truncate; nucleus decollete; post-nuclear whorls eight, deeply excavated on top, with a strong spiral ridge at the shoulder, otherwise lacking ornamentation; body whorl relatively short, broadly convex in outline, ornamented anteriorly by broad flat ribs which appear as if overlapping posteriorly; aperture broader anteriorly, outer lip moderately retractive, anal notch deep, siphonal notch shallow, siphonal fasciole slightly bulging.

The extremely low, almost flat spire, and the swollen convex outline of the body whorl serve to distinguish this species. Conus veatchi Olsson (1922, p. 216, P1. v, figs. 5, 8) from the Middle Miocene Gatun Stage of Costa Rica has a somewhat similar shape. However, the body whorl is less inflated and the shoulder of the whorl is ornamented with ten to eleven fine spirals.



Conus couvaensis

Holotype, No. 24998

mm. 37,7 x 23,5


Conus veatchi

Holotype 20894 (2)

mm. 43 x 28

Gatun Stage: Water Cay

Costa Rica



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