Conus (Hemiconus) disjunctus (Deshayes, 1865))



Descrizione e caratteristiche:


Diagnosis of H. disjunctus : Small, narrowly turriform Hemiconus with prominent, rounded tubercles in mid-whorl on the spire, crossed by 3-5 spiral cords, the uppermost tending to give the tubercles sharp upper edges ; protoconch large, diameter c. 680 μm., paucispiral of 1.5-1.75 whorls, domed with almost flush sutures ; last whorl straight to gently concave in outline ; ornament of close spiral threads, often obsolescent. Spire up to 43% of shell height. 16,7 x 5,9 mm (2).


Discussion of H. disjunctus : Like H. stromboides (Lamarck, 1802) this species has central rounded tubercles on the whorls but these persist further down the spire and are sharper and more prominent in H.disjunctus. It also resembles H. granatinus from which it is differentiated by the narrower profile, stronger tubercles and the spiral threads not being granulated (2).





Hemiconus disjunctus (DESHAYES 1865)

MNHN F A.31522

Villiers-Saint-Frédéric, Yvelines


le motif colore presente differents alignements spiraux de taches claires et fluorescentes sur un fond sombre. L'alignement visible juste sous la suture est compose de taches ties fines qui sont situees entre de petites nodosites. Les alignements presents sous 1'epaulement sont plus ou moins resserres et leurs taches sont de forme subquadrangulaire et le"gerement plus grandes. Ces taches peuvent etre egalement alignees axialement et elles sont coalescentes a proximite de I'epaulement et sur la partie abapicale du tour. Les taches coalescentes des alignements les plus proches de l'epaulement sont disposes entre les nodosites de ce dernier (pi. 20:F) (4).


The specimen of Hemiconus disjunctus (Deshayes, 1865) whose colour pattern under UV light was illustrated by CAZE et al. (2012, p. 46, pl. 20, fig F) appears to be a specimen of H. parisiensis (Deshayes, 1865) (2).






Hemiconus disjunctus (2)

original figure after DESHAYES (1865)

pl. 100, figs. 17, 18, 19

Figs. 23 – 29 : Hemiconus disjunctus (Deshayes, 1865)


23. NHMUK PI TG 26859 (leg. B. CRAIG) Néhou

24. NHMUK PI TG 26860 (leg. B. CRAIG) Néhou

25. NHMUK PI TG 26861 (leg. L. BELLIARD) Néhou

26. NHMUK PI TG 26862 (leg. S. TRACEY) Néhou

27. [spire] NHMUK PI TG 26863 (leg. S. TRACEY) Néhou

28. [protoconch] NHMUK PI TG 26864 (leg. S. TRACEY) Néhou

29. (protoconch) NHMUK PI TG 26865 (leg. S. TRACEY) Villiers-St-Frédéric (Yvelines).

Hemiconus disjunctus

MNHN J02892

Yvelines – Ferme de l’Orme es

Eocene – Luteziano





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