Conus (Hemiconus) gouetensis (Cossmann, 1897)



Descrizione e caratteristiche:

Diagnosis of H. gouetensis : Small, narrowly fusiform Hemiconus differing from H. peraratus not only in relative width but also in the lack of nodular development, the 2 prominent spiral cords on the ramp and the deeply canaliculate sutures; subsutural beads often obscure or absent; protoconch small, diameter c. 485 μm., of 1.75 whorls; last whorl ornament as in H. peraratus Cossmann, 1897 (2).


Size 12,5 x 5,2 mm.


Discussion of H. gouetensis : COSSMANN regarded this as a variety of H. peraratus Cossmann, 1897 and it is possible that the two forms constitute a continuous series. We have not been able to compare topotypical examples from the Loire Valley and so we prefer to treat COSSMANN’s gouetensis as a full species (2).



Hemiconus gouetensis (Cossmann, 1897)

original figure of H. peraratus var. gouetensis after Cossmann (1897)

 pl. 4. figs. 28, 29

Coislin (Loire-Atlantique)

Figs. 58, 73-75. Hemiconus gouetensis (Cossmann, 1897)

58. (protoconch) NHMUK PI TG26890 (leg. B. CRAIG) Néhou

73. NHMUK PI TG 26903 (leg. O. GAIN) Néhou

74. NHMUK PI TG 26904 (leg. O. GAIN) Néhou

75. NHMUK PI TG 26905 (leg. B. CRAIG) Néhou





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