Conus trisculptus             (Pilsbry & Johnson, 1917)

Description (2):

The shell is biconic, the spire composed of slightly concave whorls, with a low carina projecting above the suture. On the last 2 ˝  whorls this carina bears low nodes (about 20 on the last whorl), but on the earlier whorls the keel is smooth. The upper slope of each whorl has prominent, arcuate radial striae but no spirals. Below the shoulder the surface is slightly convex, contracted a little above the base. The lower half has about 13 spiral grooves, widely separated except close to the base; and except on the anterior fourth there are spiral series of small pustules which are slightly lengthened in the axial direction, and are arranged in vertical rows, but somewhat irregular in places.


Length 34.5, diam. 16.5 mm.; length of aperture 27 mm.


Costa Rica, Pliocene. W. M. Gabb. Type No. 2567, A. N. S. P.


This cone was with the lot of C. consobrinus ultimus, from which it is at once separable by the smooth keel of the upper whorls.


Il Conus trisculptus č molto simile al Conus granozonatus del Miocene.




Conus trisculptus (1)

ANSP 2567

Tav. XIX fig. 6

mm. 34,5 x 16,5

Pliocene – Costa Rica


Conus jaspideus

mm. 23,6 x 11,7

PLIOCENE – Okeechobee

[AZFC N. 253-01]

Conus jaspideus

mm. 19,3 x 9,1

[AZFC N. 253-02]




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