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The company was founded in 1956 by Eligio Zanzi, a pioneer in extrusion of plastics, especially PVC. Those were the years in which plastics processing was in its beginnings, and were rising in first extruder-construction industries. After a few years,however, ZANZIPLAST had already directed its production to export towards Canada.

The company is at present managed by his son Ing. Alessandro Zanzi, who graduated at the Polytechnic of Milano in Chemical Engineering, with specialization in plastics.

Our machinery consists of 8 lines composed of 11 extruders, with screws whose diameter varies from 18 up to 70 mm.:

  • n. 3 extruders AMUT (D. 60 e 70 mm.)
  • n. 2 extruders CARES (D. 45 e 60 mm.)
  • n. 4 extruders MECCANICA TRECATESE (D. 18, 25 e 60 mm.)
  • n. 1 extruder MAM (D. 45 mm.)
  • n. 1 extruder CERRINI (D. 37 mm.)

Six of the eight extrusion lines are equipped for co-extrusion.

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